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On the 22nd & 23rd of February the Corio centre will host Region Track & Field competition. From this event Athletes can then progress to the State Championships, as in all Athletics events officials will be required to do duties over this weekend. So if you are responsible for a child that is competing at Regions over the weekend you will be required to do duties (etc Parent, Grandparent, Guardian, Carer, Supervisor) As well as duties that the centre has to fill there a number of servicing duties that need to be done ( running water to events for officials, toilets to be cleaned regularly, car park attendant, BBQ, snow cone machine, canteen and several other jobs that need doing). This event being hosted by Corio gives us a huge opportunity to bolster our income for future equipment for the centre. The competition runs for both days and is an enormous commitment by many at the centre, at times people may be required to do extra but just remember this is for the centre not individuals. Even if you do not have children competing and you can offer some of your time over the weekend it would be greatly appreciated. On the Friday night 21st Feb we will be setting up barriers and general cleaning and maintenance if you can help please come down around 5.00 or 5.30. Duties for the weekend will be handed out and put on this facebook page and also the website, if all places are not filled then there will be random selection. if your name is down for duty and you refuse you will be only hurting your child as the centre will look at some form of disciplinary action. As soon as the centre finds out what duties we have on competition days over the weekend we will place them on this facebook page, e-mail, text etc so all parents are informed. Athletes who compete are competing in an individual sport, The people that officiate on the day or help out in any other way are helping out as a team. This message is not aimed at anyone but aimed at all (HELP) on this weekend is a priority.

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Nicole Hill (Secretary) 0408122303


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